Hi! I'm Míriam Escobosa

My touch is to illustrate with joy and optimism

I was born in Sabadell (Barcelona) in 1982 and as a child I spent my days drawing, especially after watching my favorite movies and cartoon series. I also liked board games and I loved video games, so it seems like I haven’t changed so much and my inner child is still here.
When I grew up I decided to study graphic design and I dedicated 15 years of my career to it. When I had my first daughter I decided to leave graphic design, Art Direction and Design Management to study at Escola Joso and become what I always really wanted: illustrator.

I capture and shape people's thinkings more than they could ever imagine

I have worked with publishers such as Grupo Planeta, Babidi-bú, Rimpompante or Editorial Guniswith self-publish authors on Amazon and also with the gaming company Falomir
I regularly collaborate with local illustration agencies such as June Illustration and international ones such as D’Avilla Illustration Agency, and I’ve held illustration and comic workshops at the El Cim school in Terrassa and Escola Ginesta in Matadepera.
I’m focused on children’s and young adults world, but I also enjoy any project that fills my life with color: book covers, comics, board games, video games, workshops,…

Do you have any project that you would like us to collaborate on?
Email me at hola@miriamescobosa.com

My hallmark is capturing the joy and magic of small moments

I like to add depth to each story by creating characters full of life and adding unique details that catch you in that specific moment and tell you much more than words.


Another characteristic of my work is that I enjoy giving a touch of fantasy to stories and I love capturing the magic, illusion and joy which children see the world.

In my projects, I also include values such as respect, integrity, inclusivity and optimism and I believe that my work emanates love for life, nature, animals and for what I do.


You can know me a little more through these interviews:

Direct from Instagram from Pilar Jorge Martín on October 10, 2023:
«Supercuentos para Superniñ@s»: «Días bonitos» de  Míriam Escobosa

Interview with the publisher Babidi-bú in Liber 2022:

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