About Miriam Escobosa

Hi! My name is Míriam Escobosa Lázaro. I was born in Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain) in 1982. When I was a child, I spent most of my days drawing and colouring instead of playing with dolls or outside. I loved watching movies, cartoon series and drawing the characters after the episode. I also loved to play board or cards games and video games came later too. All these memories make me think that I haven’t changed so much in all these years and my inner child is still here. I’ve never stopped drawing, but it wasn’t after having my first daughter, when I decided to get away from the design, art direction and design management to be a professional illustrator, what I wanted to be since I was a child: «When I grow up, I want to be a painter. But not a wall painter, a paintings artist», I used to say. My style is a mix between the two big influences from my childhood: anime and animation (like Dr. Slump tv serial or Disney movies). I like the stories of unusual characters on fantastic worlds and I love to draw characters full of emotion and values expressing the joy, illusion and magic seen through the eyes of a child. Most of my projects are digital but I also enjoy when the project fits in with traditional illustration and I can use watercolor and colored pencils. I’m focused on children’s world but I also create book covers, comics, games, personal commissions, videogames and any interesting artistic collaboration to continue filling my life with colors. Creativity is my energy. I am a dreamer and an idealistic person, but at the same time I’m very practical, direct, determined and independent. What motivates me the most is finding solutions, working on change and new challenges. I’m a result oriented person and my main value is my strong drive and determination to achieve the objectives

If you want to know a little more about me and my books, you can see the interview (in Spanish) with the editorial Babidi-bú in Liber 2022: